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How and Why Mom's Should Make Self-Care a Priority

How and Why Mom's Should Make Self-Care a Priority


When it comes to being a mom, we usually fall last on our list of family priorities. But taking care of oneself is arguably just as important as taking care of everyone else in the family. So if you are asking yourself how you can improve the well-being of your family, let’s start with you.

Every mom knows the importance of self-care and mental health in theory, but finding the time for self-care as a mother can be challenging. In this article we will not only share why self-care should be a mother’s priority, but how you can practically make time for your wellness. We know you’re busy, so let’s get into it.

Why Is Self-Care Important For Moms:

You can’t pour from an empty cup. This may be as cliche as it gets, but hear us out. Self-care helps you tend to your subconscious mind so that you can show up more consistently and be more emotionally resilient for your families. It is essential in relieving the symptoms of low self-esteem, burnout, exhaustion, and stress. By taking the time to practice self-care, you can revitalize your energy, renew your optimism and show up fully for your family.

In addition, you are setting a good example for your children. Their relationship with self-care will be formed by watching yours. By setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care, you are leading by example that self-care is not selfish, but rather a basic form of self-respect.

How Can A Mother Prioritize Self-Care?

1. Reframe your Perspective 

Often we feel guilty about taking time for ourselves, leaving our partner alone, or leaving our children with a caregiver. But it’s important to start noticing what story you have in your head about making yourself a priority. The next time you feel guilty for running a bath, going for a walk by yourself, or taking yourself out for lunch, listen to the voice in your head. What is it saying to you? Perhaps it goes something like this:

“I’m a bad mom for spending money on going out for lunch when I could be at home having lunch with my family.”

Try to reframe the self-criticism into something more helpful:

“I’m not a bad mom for taking some time for myself. This feeling of independence is good for my confidence and will help me make better decisions for my family.”

2. Schedule your Self-Care

It is a lot easier to stick to commitments when they are scheduled into your routine. Try setting a meeting with yourself once a week, at the very least, and use this time to do something for yourself. Simple self-care ideas are easy to find thanks to our best friend Google, but here are a few of our favorites: 

  • Run a bath with essential oils and light a scented candle.
  • Find stillness in meditation and journal about what comes up.
  • Go for a long walk in nature or around the neighborhood.
  • Explore a new hobby. We hear pottery is pretty in right now?
  • Put on something comfortable, like your favorite robe, and lounge in bed. Maybe you read, close your eyes or sketch something. The idea is to completely relax in comfort.

3. Communicate your Needs

Practice being vocal about your needs and learn to ask for exactly what you need. Often we assume our needs are blatantly obvious to the rest of the world, but unless we verbalize them, people cannot read minds. There is no shame in expressing that you would love to head to the grocery store by yourself this time around because you need some space to get things done without dividing your attention. 

    We hope this article has helped you see the importance of self-care for parents and that you will be able to implement some of these self-care ideas into your weekly or monthly routine. Let us know how it goes by writing to us or connecting with us online @thejmkcollection.