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    Judy dreamed of creating a brand of her own with products that she enjoys using every day that are created with love and quality. JMK was years in the making and the name was inspired by her daughters: JMK stands for Julianna, Miya, and Keira, in order of her three daughters.

      As a brand, we believe in empowering women's self confidence, spreading kindness, and just plain being unapologetically ourselves! When we love and care for ourselves, we in turn are able to love and care for others.

Behind JMK

     Judy Travis is one of the most influential Mom Vloggers on YouTube. She has been documenting her life and sharing her journey online since 2008. Through her platforms, she shares her love for beauty & family and has gained over 10 million followers along the way. Giving her viewers a glimpse into her life, whether she's flying to a new destination or at her favorite place in the world- home with her family! 

     Currently, she has over a billion views on YouTube between her original channel "ItsJudyTime" where she offers beauty tips and reviews, her Vlog channel "ItsJudysLife" where she gives a daily peek into her life with her family, and "ItsMommysLife" where she shares her journey through motherhood.

     Judy along with her husband Benji Travis created Dancember, an annual fundraiser where they challenge their YouTube friends, viewers and online community to dance and donate for those in need. Through their philanthropic work, they’ve been able to raise over 2 million dollars to improve the lives of women and children all over the world.

     Throughout her career, Judy has collaborated with some of the worlds' leading brand products, but in 2018 she sparked a new idea to create what is now known as JMK, a brand that speaks to women and mothers at every part of their journey. She wanted to create a brand that encourages women throughout their endeavors, to embrace who they are, what they have to offer, and celebrate the impact that they have in this world. She believes that happiness, kindness, and positivity starts from within.

"When we love and care for ourselves, we in turn are able to love and care for others."
-Judy Travis